a little about zena…

i’m a person.

i grew up in detroit, michigan.  i graduated from wayne state university with a degree in theatre.  i married a young man i met there and together we have raised three pretty astounding kids.

i have written since i was very young.  recently while reading a book with my daughter ella, she commented that to be a writer is to have total control.  it was a revelation from a nine year old.

when i was young i needed that and found it on the blank page.

i write about faith.  i write about disability.  i write about friendship and marriage.  i write about walking through the woods.  i write about coffee.  i write about messing up and about making it better.

i know that words matter and that sentences matter.  that’s why i share them – or maybe i share them because i can’t not share them.

thank you for reading.  i’m honored that you do.

i’ll try to tell the truth and you do the same.


~ zena