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maybe i might love you

maybe you’re like me. maybe light has always hit friendship at a strange angle. i’ve always looked for the true friend, the real friend, the friend i could trust no matter what. and i’ve never found her. i’m watching my … Continue reading

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voting is cool

i like voting. i like being anonymous and alone in a voting booth.  i like how quiet it is and how no one else can come in, look over my shoulder and tell me who to vote for. i like … Continue reading

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writing lonely stories

writing is ministering, pastoring, chaplaincy. i come to you and trace my scars with a fingertip.  i show you the map of me and at the same time you see that i’m healed up now, that i’m still here, that … Continue reading

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the stories we tell

i ended up outside. sometimes early january is friendly to outside morning dwellers.  this happens very rarely in michigan.  i still almost don’t believe it. the water was still and the city was so quiet.  i had to take a … Continue reading

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your life from here

there’s a man out there in the snow with his dog. he’s clipping back the vines on these frozen lanes.  my romantic notions of owning a vineyard evaporate a little bit because that’s what these lines represent.  the hard work … Continue reading

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you are your stories

it’s a little bit amazing that people read what i write.  that they like it and want to share it.  many times people will tell me that after they read a post i’ve written, they don’t know how to respond. … Continue reading

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living backwards

my own story is a redemption tale. a little girl made almost nothing by the strong arms of the past.  you can’t underestimate what’s gone on before you and handed down.  the momentum of years taking dead aim to crash … Continue reading

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for those who didn’t place at the olympics

 you tried so hard, but the point wasn’t a gold medal.  was it? it was. the gold was the point.  the years, the sacrifice.  what you wanted was the highest podium and your song playing as you bowed your humble … Continue reading

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the digs

we moved into detroit four months ago.  my house is where i find myself most days and looking around, i thought of all of you lovely friends that may be curious about what the place looks like… so come on … Continue reading

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the harvest is plentiful

as the holidays approach i will be hosting a link on my site to reece’s rainbow. i’ve mentioned this organization on my blog before.  they are a group of people committed to rescuing orphans with down syndrome around the globe. … Continue reading

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