slut shaming and holy week

jesus kicks off holy week by hanging out with a guy he’d raised from the dead. just chilling with martha and mary, of martha and mary fame, and with lazarus, who is reclining at the table like it’s just another day in the neighborhood. um, my dude, you died! now you’re just going to eat

secret plans

it’s the small, secret things that make a life. the hidden actions between you and your creator that you don’t regret, but rather forget, immediately, because there was no wrongdoing, only pure motive, that will be remembered out loud, from the rooftops, on that day. i’m sick of social media and its law of diminishing

lack of love and the holidays

maybe your family tree is a little bit of a thicket.  a gnarled bramble of fallen and crisscrossed limbs and branches.  the holidays approaching might tick towards you like an unstoppable hour and put your origin story front in center in your mind. just how did you arrive on this planet? its been a weekend

Blessed is the simplicity which leaveth alone the difficult paths of questionings, and followeth the plain and firm steps of God’s commandments. Many have lost devotion whilst they sought to search into deeper things. Faith is required of thee, and a sincere life, not loftiness of intellect, nor deepness in the mysteries of God. If

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mother water

now she has five grandchildren.  she was one of six and had two children herself.  her children’s children gather around her and in their honest moments if you ask them who their favorite person is, they’ll all say the same thing, “buscia.”  you say it this way – (boo-shah.) she looks at these children and

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in my mother’s kitchen i watch my oldest daughter, the one that is dedicated to the lord, just like all first borns – i watch her help her buscia. buscia in polish means grandmother.  if you’ve never had a buscia, i strongly recommend that you get one.  they are definitely the cure for what ails

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“i heard that white people stink when they get wet.” the kids behind her laughed a little and more than that, they watched, wondering what would happen next. “do you think if i spit on you, you’d stink?” she was just a girl i went to school with.  i knew she was going to spit

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home again

it was monarch butterflies and children ordering their beverages from behind giant menus.  we traverse the great, green sun-laced places, drive down the backroads until the turn off and find ourselves on beaches as beautiful as any the world can boast.

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