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when madeleine l’engle kicked my ass

after i hung up the phone and told joshua what i’d just learned, we knew that our tiny church plant was done.  there had been signs leading to that moment in our kitchen.  but this was it.  the final nail. … Continue reading

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forgiveness for the sake of the marriage bed

“so how’s your sex life?” this is a question that is usually read from the front of a glossy magazine in the check-out aisle or said in a counseling office when things aren’t going so well.  this question she decides … Continue reading

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you are your stories

it’s a little bit amazing that people read what i write.  that they like it and want to share it.  many times people will tell me that after they read a post i’ve written, they don’t know how to respond. … Continue reading

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the surface of the waters

“the vision god gives is not a castle in the air, but a vision of what god wants you to be. let him put you on his wheel and whirl you as he likes, and as sure as god is … Continue reading

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living backwards

my own story is a redemption tale. a little girl made almost nothing by the strong arms of the past.  you can’t underestimate what’s gone on before you and handed down.  the momentum of years taking dead aim to crash … Continue reading

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i wonder if you could speak up

we talk about god speaking to us. i heard god say this or that. i’m not immune to this type of language or the experience, but lately i’m wondering if he could speak up. then there is the thought that … Continue reading

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time stands still

we packed up and went to greenfield village for the first time of the season. it was exactly the same. there is a freedom in faithfulness. to keep things, with a determined hand, to keep things the same.  the ever-growing … Continue reading

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be brave, dear one

it’s strange about a scar. the flesh heals and holds the mark of what the body endured.  most of the time we forget about it.  my hands and my feet and my heart engage in the right now, in the … Continue reading

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hearts on display

some things aren’t anyone’s fault.  sometimes there isn’t anyone to answer for tears that fall or harsh words said.  sometimes all we can do is remember that everything isn’t done by human hands. it was a busy weekend and so i … Continue reading

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the harvest is plentiful

as the holidays approach i will be hosting a link on my site to reece’s rainbow. i’ve mentioned this organization on my blog before.  they are a group of people committed to rescuing orphans with down syndrome around the globe. … Continue reading

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