i’ll meet you at the table

our family gathered around my table and i felt older than i ever had before. and i guess that’s right.  i’m almost forty and my own children are set to start turning into teenagers in a couple of months, growing almost tall as their grandmothers. […]

jordan almonds and jesus christ

i’ve been thinking about jordan almonds lately. and how the weakest among us take the brunt of our anger. and how jesus is both. he’s the jordan almonds and the weakest among us. it was my dad’s cousin’s wedding where i first tasted jordan almonds. […]

milkweed thanksgiving

it’s late. we’re under blankets in our cold bedroom.  joshua’s reading and i’m remembering the milkweed plant i saw in a garden at mazzy’s school. we don’t know it but clouds are gathering right over our heads.  we don’t know that we’ll wake up to […]

handmade holidays

we wrote down words on paper and planned. her curls were pulled back professional and she made a list because she breathes lists. who will bring what, who will sit where.  she sees it in her mind and the simplicity of planning is always as […]

the language of november

gratitude list ~ 1708 – 1740 the kingdom is among you a friend that sticks closer than a brother not defending myself anjanee and anotonio soup tureens candles my dad new shoes, new hat youthworks pajama thanksgiving loving anyway staying home dragonmeade ella, the artist […]

i have found that he is good

counting the gifts i’m given everyday… 1066. woodbox full 1067. avalon on my doorstep 1068. paying library fines 1069. sunny thursday 1070. nutcracker on sunday  it’s good to have a day to be thankful, but a lifetime doesn’t hold enough days to remember all that […]