all that i own does not compare

i forget that the most compelling thing about me is jesus. i forget. in the forgetting i lose myself and become ungrateful, confused. am i a good mother? it is because jesus has wrought my iron will in his gentle hands. is my marriage remarkable? […]

the cross is enough

there was demolition work at my kitchen table. i thought that it equaled the christian life. renovation; faith’s highest priority, it seemed to me. the work headed up by a foreman with hard hat on and drawn plans rolled up under his arm.  and coffee. […]

too few octobers

i have realized that i am short on time. these limited hours in a day are full.  there is a house to straighten and that book i want to write and those books i want to read and those other things i said i would write and […]

how to have a better relationship with your kid (or anybody really)

“well you usually are.  you know…when you get so mad because mazzy won’t listen to you and then you get mad at us.” he seemed on guard around me.  waiting for the other shoe to drop.  i noticed and even though i feared the answer, […]