real evil

175 years isn’t enough

175 years isn’t enough

pain doesn’t like to be looked at straight on.  it’ll distract and deflect and will look in any direction except back into your eyes. that’s what that judge was doing.  she forced pain to sit down in a chair and held its face forward, refusing […]

jesus died for you and other sentences that don’t mean anything

“i’ve heard so many teachings on why he had to die, but it never seems to stick in my head.” i’m looking out at the frozen neighborhood. sentences can freeze and crack, too. the meaning they once held is nowhere to be found. they are […]

have you eaten from the tree?

the tension in the word of god swings like the young girl in the trees with my son. she is agile and lovely.  my boy tries to keep up with her.  i try to keep up with paul as he lays out plain as day […]

rainbow sprinkles and the devil

i lose perspective. the colors blur and i can’t tell green from yellow.  we set out the chairs and we practice the songs.  but what does it matter when no one is singing? that’s when it’s helpful to hear a small four-year-old voice say from […]

i am adam lanza’s father

in the story of goldilocks and the three bears a young girl walks through the forest and finds an empty house.  seeing there is no one inside she goes in.  i turn into the parking lot of my daughter’s school and feel a bit lost in […]