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i don’t know if there are harps in heaven

when winter was done, truly over, i noticed that i had an odd reaction to the signs of summer. every budding summer tree made me see autumn.  after freezing pipes and days we couldn’t step out the front door, the … Continue reading

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gender roles in my own backyard

we’re eating lunch at a plastic picnic table.  my knees barely fit underneath.  we’re mere feet away from the trampoline and the swing set. this is how young it starts. my son.  my beautiful boy.  this kind-hearted, contagious, leader of … Continue reading

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hired too soon

i come into an empty room; wooden floors and a basket of yarn in the corner.  the table is holding four squares of sunlight and a fireplace is giving off heat from a morning fire. it is a beautiful place. … Continue reading

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your life from here

there’s a man out there in the snow with his dog. he’s clipping back the vines on these frozen lanes.  my romantic notions of owning a vineyard evaporate a little bit because that’s what these lines represent.  the hard work … Continue reading

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tune my heart

it was a gas station.  we’d driven hours with three kids close and now one of them had to use the bathroom. joshua was pumping gas and i thought i’d just send her in by herself.  i wanted to be … Continue reading

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too few octobers

i have realized that i am short on time. these limited hours in a day are full.  there is a house to straighten and that book i want to write and those books i want to read and those other things … Continue reading

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the stars in my eyes

each night the starry sky waits above us. whether it’s obscured by city light or goes unseen by eyes that won’t look up. it’s waiting there. we drove the kids to southern ohio and saw the stars again for the … Continue reading

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nice to meet you

they told us to wake up and take our bibles out into the woods. they’d tell you which verses to read and the only requirement was that you had to be by yourself. i’d never done this, but each morning … Continue reading

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sugar maple

i drive down ohio roads.  i drink in the rolling southern ohio landscape like water.  i don’t know what it is about coming up over a slow curve to find a white, paint-peeling church with it’s faithful buried along side … Continue reading

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i’d like to say something serious. really, i would. but i can’t. there are problems of pride and humility to solve.  there are confessions to be made and stories to tell. but i just can’t right now. there’s barely any … Continue reading

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