living loved

it’s difficult when things are taken away. when the comfortable old shoes can’t be found and then you remember that you gave them away because you knew it was time. i’ve been hearing god tell me to stop doing some things for a long time. and i agree intellectually – i mentally assent, but dallas

all that i own does not compare

i forget that the most compelling thing about me is jesus. i forget. in the forgetting i lose myself and become ungrateful, confused. am i a good mother? it is because jesus has wrought my iron will in his gentle hands. is my marriage remarkable? it is because he has been remarkably generous to two

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building a boat

he was honest and said that he had problems with the church.  he thought himself better than your run-of-the-mill pew-fillers.  he was doing what god wanted done, everyone else? not so much. and when he tried to start a church, it failed. no one came and those who did come didn’t stay.  he fought with

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