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moms forgiving children forgiving moms

i broke ella’s tea cup. she found a set at an estate sale that was pretty perfect and upon carrying it in from the yard, it slipped from my hand. way to go, mom. its tough not to venerate your … Continue reading

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and i’m so glad

joshua and i celebrated 19 years of marriage a couple of weeks ago.  the first four years of it there were no children.  no mazzy.  no abe.  no ella. i remember the counseling and the fighting.  i remember how hard … Continue reading

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here i am to worship, here i am to bow down

i smell her hair. strawberry shortcake. thin arms and legs with a head too large for any human body. i inhale and wish for the scented air i remember from the doll of my youth.  i would have taped that … Continue reading

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don’t worry, mom

don’t worry, mom. she says it enough lately that i’m starting to wonder that perhaps i’m more anxious than i know. mazzy turned 14 last week. it’s been less like a blink and more like a night of sleep.  time … Continue reading

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when staying at home is lame

the grocery store is its own particular type of torture. i must be thankful for the resources to be there, the choices, the strength in my legs to walk the aisles, to push the cart.  i know.  i must be. … Continue reading

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pop music and the teenage soul

this thing keeps happening as my 13 year old daughter listens to pop music.  it takes me by surprise.  maybe it’s the scientific algorithms or maybe not. mazzy will play another teen anthem about taking life and love by storm … Continue reading

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the invisible ties that bind

a mother can forget her child. it’s true.  it’s in the bible. and it’s true in my life. i like to go and have a cup of coffee alone.  i’ll read until i forget where i am.  i like to … Continue reading

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the memory of the heart

it’s late at night when my mind and heart are vulnerable to old words spoken. words that were jumbled together any way you like, but always say the same thing. “i reject you.” “you are unwanted.” “you are unloved.” these stupid … Continue reading

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pie crust promises

the boy has started a comic book club and i have a tooth in my front pocket.  the girl smiles at me.  both of her front teeth have gone missing. things go missing sometimes, like whole summers, entire years even. … Continue reading

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the last day of summer vacation

i’m trying not to complain. trying to keep it close and finish the summer well. but self-care is real.  introverts are real. and one person caring for three people everyday for three months is a draining occupation. i’m past entering … Continue reading

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