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maybe i might love you

maybe you’re like me. maybe light has always hit friendship at a strange angle. i’ve always looked for the true friend, the real friend, the friend i could trust no matter what. and i’ve never found her. i’m watching my … Continue reading

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voting is cool

i like voting. i like being anonymous and alone in a voting booth.  i like how quiet it is and how no one else can come in, look over my shoulder and tell me who to vote for. i like … Continue reading

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the last day of summer vacation

i’m trying not to complain. trying to keep it close and finish the summer well. but self-care is real.  introverts are real. and one person caring for three people everyday for three months is a draining occupation. i’m past entering … Continue reading

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all that i own does not compare

i forget that the most compelling thing about me is jesus. i forget. in the forgetting i lose myself and become ungrateful, confused. am i a good mother? it is because jesus has wrought my iron will in his gentle … Continue reading

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your life on the scale

The Lord hates dishonest scales,     but he is pleased with honest weights. ~ Proverbs 11:1 i remember when i got that this verse wasn’t about weights and scales.  i was sitting in my parent’s backyard at their picnic table.  my mother’s garden … Continue reading

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the obvious reason

while studying sign language i learned that hearing people who have a deaf child regularly do not learn sign language themselves.  they don’t learn it even when signing is the preferred mode of communication of their child. it’s a complicated issue … Continue reading

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christian boobs

i have a slight problem. i’m a christian. there it is. that’s it really. i just saw that there is a movement to bring back head coverings in the christian world blog-o-sphere. head coverings. a head covering movement. there has … Continue reading

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when you’re privileged

  i am just another white woman walking in his shop. just another tourist on vacation with my blonde hair and my cute as a button daughter. i’m picking up sandals and trying to decide if i want to spend … Continue reading

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how it tends to be

i was alone when i met god. i was near church people, but i was alone on a dock reading the bible. the spirit of god, the holy spirit, came near.  it came by me.  i felt it and it … Continue reading

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i live in a box of paints

i could drink a case of you and i would still be on my feet. when joni mitchell wrote ‘blue’ the world noticed.  this beautiful young woman with a heart so large and the ability to tell the truth and … Continue reading

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