average terrain

  communication ain’t simple. all the roads of relationship are threatened by neglect, by lack of effort. trails of ivy that speak comfortable and lovely imperfection, that’s fine, but left untended our relating will all be done in work gloves. that’s how it feels this […]

what hard things can do

we drive out to the lake and swim with other pale michiganders, squinting at the sun. abe collects snails in a net, bringing them home safe in their shells.  eleanor paddles out past her head thankful for her dora life jacket.  mazzy dives underwater wearing […]

getting dressed

some mornings it’s so hard to decide what to wear. i open dresser drawers and see that i could put on love today.  the love of god as the one who would cover my shortcomings.  not only that, but in wearing him, he makes me […]


from our table to yours…happy valentine’s day.