jordan almonds and jesus christ

i’ve been thinking about jordan almonds lately. and how the weakest among us take the brunt of our anger. and how jesus is both. he’s the jordan almonds and the weakest among us. it was my dad’s cousin’s wedding where i first tasted jordan almonds. […]

and then he took the cup saying

a bee fell into my wine mug. i went to take a drink and there he was set to drown. i grabbed a twig, stuck it in and expert that he is, he climbed his way out along it and soon found himself in the […]

the ghosts of october

we drive from orchard to orchard, yellow leaves falling and we end up in a nursing home, cider and donuts in hand. my grandfather was born in october and this year he turned ninety. his wife died twenty nine years ago in another october, three days […]

accepting jesus: not as simple as once believed

i’m setting up chairs for bible club. joshua and i teach children’s church once a month at the little detroit body we’ve been calling home on sunday mornings.  the sun is flooding in through second story windows and i’m feeling humbled. i tried to plant […]

what myra said

when i met myra i was in full-on church recruiting mode. she was a neighbor. perfect. i got along really well with her. perfect. her live in boyfriend was an asshole and we could hear him yell at her before he slammed out of the […]

all that i own does not compare

i forget that the most compelling thing about me is jesus. i forget. in the forgetting i lose myself and become ungrateful, confused. am i a good mother? it is because jesus has wrought my iron will in his gentle hands. is my marriage remarkable? […]

inside out, bones to skin

i have a yoga practice these days. i’m learning about living with my shoulders back. maybe you know what i mean? because i’ve collapsed onto myself these 38 years of life. my shoulders can wrap around the front of my body like a shawl.  the […]

the cross is enough

there was demolition work at my kitchen table. i thought that it equaled the christian life. renovation; faith’s highest priority, it seemed to me. the work headed up by a foreman with hard hat on and drawn plans rolled up under his arm.  and coffee. […]

of fish tales and thomas the doubter

i don’t hear the jump. i turn at the splash.  the ripples are there, but my eyes are late. no fish to speak of. summer has felt like a jig-saw puzzle poured out onto the floor.  no one has taken the time to put it […]

hesitating beauty

we glide over shallow, clean water.  we see the fish and rocks below.  we are raised up just enough to be a part of the river. they say if you want to know if you should marry a person, you should go canoeing.  see how […]