hidden life

man overboard! quick throw him this bible!

sometimes the story of jesus christ can get old. you know it already.  lived, died, rose again. you know the tenets.  you understand that redemption of bad situations into good that in turn can touch and change the lives of others is god’s will on […]

it’s right before you

it is as though leaves on trees are saying, ‘i love you.’ that the sunlight on your path says, ‘you are cared for.’ this world has been made for living in; a place formed in love for those who see the sun these few years. it […]

seasonal help

there is a prayer and it goes this way; “lord, i do not feel like i used to feel.” it doesn’t worry god too terribly much though. because god’s not interested in “used to.”  not one little bit. god is always, “look!  see!  i’m doing […]

ode to scott cairns’ ‘hesychasterion’

when i make our bed i will take a leafy branch and with it, smooth the sheets of softest green, down to wait until the day dims and we find one another again. when this daughter finds me writing in the shifting shadows on my […]

the truth doesn’t like to be quiet

abe lincoln said that by age 40 we all get the face we deserve. and yes, youth certainly covers a multitude of sins.  a bit like the chlorophyll that colors the new green of spring and the lush of summer. the young, so lovely, with […]

your life on the scale

The Lord hates dishonest scales,     but he is pleased with honest weights. ~ Proverbs 11:1 i remember when i got that this verse wasn’t about weights and scales.  i was sitting in my parent’s backyard at their picnic table.  my mother’s garden is the literal well-watered garden. […]

in the girl there’s a room

i’ve started to believe a lie. the one that says my daughter is unreachable. that would be the one. that she is happy, content, with her routines and habits and phrases. that’s enough. it’s good enough. that classroom there. the one showing movies everyday. the […]

nice to meet you

they told us to wake up and take our bibles out into the woods. they’d tell you which verses to read and the only requirement was that you had to be by yourself. i’d never done this, but each morning i went. i looked around […]

bonsai christianity

the confining christian life. the wires and the pruning.  the relentless discipline to become a miracle of sorts.  a seemingly impossible spot of shade and shelter in an undisciplined world. could anyone look at me and see a towering tree in miniature?  i wonder. we […]

you foolish galatians

“if righteousness could be gained through the law, christ died for nothing.” – galatians 2:21 for a long time i’ve sought the approval of man. the funny thing is that at the heart of pleasing man – there is really only one man whose approval […]