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after a while we took in the clothes

that damp on the arms of hanging clothes on the line. it is clean. the breeze that lifts that damp and the sun that dries it. a light-filled room if ever there was one. these days my moments are like laundered … Continue reading

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your life from here

there’s a man out there in the snow with his dog. he’s clipping back the vines on these frozen lanes.  my romantic notions of owning a vineyard evaporate a little bit because that’s what these lines represent.  the hard work … Continue reading

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vulnerability and the grocery store

if there is any person out there expecting a child with a disability, i have this little piece of advice for you.  get ready for what i like to call ‘the grocery store brigade.’ i can’t count the number of … Continue reading

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where there’s a peaceful sound, lonely souls hang around

when the dust settles near the table legs again, the ordinary life can change into a meaningless one.  in a twinkling it goes from flight to plodding. at times like these i look for a star to hitch my wagon … Continue reading

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too few octobers

i have realized that i am short on time. these limited hours in a day are full.  there is a house to straighten and that book i want to write and those books i want to read and those other things … Continue reading

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the stars in my eyes

each night the starry sky waits above us. whether it’s obscured by city light or goes unseen by eyes that won’t look up. it’s waiting there. we drove the kids to southern ohio and saw the stars again for the … Continue reading

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tiny dancer

and it’s one of those days. wind and yellow curtains blowing cool right into the dining room. you know the ones. a day. what would you like to do while the sun shines? go outside and read your bible. stay … Continue reading

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making beds

children pick up dolls and start to play while i pull bed sheets tight across twin mattresses. “let’s make this bed, please.” someone totters over to the other side and begins to chant, “tuck.  tuck.  tuck.” i am down on … Continue reading

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the family vineyard

my mother is worried. the grapes ripen on the vine and the white clouds sit in bluest sky. i agree. there’s a lot to worry about. she’s telling stories. grandma bessey’s house.  she and her brother and sisters would stay … Continue reading

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brand new again

these summer days are being sewn together.  the thread of time pulling days side by side and making a patchwork quilt of life. i hope it covers you, child. i want light to leak from our pockets every minute. i … Continue reading

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