shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?

shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?

that will shakespeare really knew what he was saying. “And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ain’t it the truth? i decided that summer is like one long day and by mid-july i knew that the evening was coming on.  i told someone […]

ascending at your friend’s house

before jesus ascended into heaven, he took a walk. he led his followers to bethany on the eastern slope of the mount of olives, a sabbath day’s journey, about a half mile. he blessed them, lifted his hands and bye. mary, martha and the resurrected […]

the mother of god

one place in my heart holds a grudge against humanity and all my friends. weddings and birthday parties. whenever i catch wind of another girl’s birthday party happening with no invitation for mazzy, i plot a little murder in my heart. every time i see […]

after a while we took in the clothes

that damp on the arms of hanging clothes on the line. it is clean. the breeze that lifts that damp and the sun that dries it. a light-filled room if ever there was one. these days my moments are like laundered shirts, damp and clean, hung […]

your life from here

there’s a man out there in the snow with his dog. he’s clipping back the vines on these frozen lanes.  my romantic notions of owning a vineyard evaporate a little bit because that’s what these lines represent.  the hard work of a farmer.  the day […]

forgiveness for the sake of the marriage bed

“so how’s your sex life?” this is a question that is usually read from the front of a glossy magazine in the check-out aisle or said in a counseling office when things aren’t going so well.  this question she decides to ask me while we’re […]

over-realized eschatology

(this post was inspired by a friend that i get to spend time with this weekend…thankful for time to slow down…) the firefly slow cruises by, heavy with light.  the woods are dark and deep.  pinpoints of yellow blink and fade.  i’m sitting on the […]

the opposite of friendship

i laid stones from the beach in a row down each of my legs.  each one rubbed smooth from sand and water.  each one deserving to be noticed.  we sat on the shore, my friends and i. two of us were right where the land […]


i’ve been thinking about friendship this week.  thursday i’ll post my recent thoughts on the topic, but for today i’m reposting one of my best friend’s stories… “tell me again about when you died.” i’ve asked her this before and she’s told me the same […]

back-alley heart surgery

gravel is crunching under my shoes as i crouch down low near a dumpster. my friends, my good friends, are in the bar.  i don’t have a lot of praying under my belt yet.  but i need.  i need so bad. i need a listening […]