milkweed thanksgiving

it’s late. we’re under blankets in our cold bedroom.  joshua’s reading and i’m remembering the milkweed plant i saw in a garden at mazzy’s school. we don’t know it but clouds are gathering right over our heads.  we don’t know that we’ll wake up to […]


“god gave man and woman the incredible gift of bringing children into the world, of loving and educating.  sometimes, however, parents can be disappointed by their children and want them to be other than they are. i have seen the great disappointment in parents when […]

apple trees and biblical commentary

my mother confesses that she’s been eating the apples from a tree in the church yard. “golden delicious.”  she explains.  no one is eating them, she says.  she just happens to pass by that way after running. “they’re so good.” she looks at me like […]

when the bride of christ wants a divorce

i stole moments to see you.  walking down stone paths to find you, to be alone with you. when your words breathed close to my ear, the whole world turned upside down. water came from the rock.  i saw through your eyes and loved this […]

the difference between saved and solved

i like to say that when i got high for the first time, i was solved. i was up north and sitting around with people older than me, who knew better, but didn’t care.  we passed around dented beer cans and wore ripped jeans.  i […]

a trip to the store

where is a parent to take the daily frustrations of raising dependent, imperfect children? – the bar? – the confessional? – prayer circle? – blank page? – closest confidant? well this particular day, when the air was cold and the sky was clear, i decided […]

i am a traitor to jesus christ

the past two weeks have blurred into a smear of time. i am busy and i park the van and walk fast into the house.  my iphone falls out of my pocket and drops onto the cement. it shatters instantly. the glass looks like a […]

i like that you’re quiet

we’re watching the fire.  free firewood from the apple orchard.  my mother gardens with a woman who owns it.  come and take as much as you want. when we sat down at the restaurant and started to talk it wasn’t easy.  i had to remember […]

what the church can learn from the gay community

i set the pie down on the counter. i ask my brother about the details of his recovery. i think he saw my thumbprint in the baked crust. i hope he knows that i love him, that i care. i want to pray for him, […]

on the contrary

there really is nothing new under the sun.  everyone has a story and even though my story is different than yours, somehow the human story holds a thread that rings true no matter the details. we value the wrong things.  we make it up as […]