the reliable enemy of good friday

the reliable enemy of good friday

our cat is pretty reliable in this way – if we open a window, soon the cat will appear there on its ledge.  he can also always be found when we open the back door, trying to run out between our feet and prowl these […]

baptizing children

baptizing children

they put her in a white robe. it was her birthday. eight years old. it was easter and she had decided to get baptized. i don’t know what to think about baptizing an eight year old.  can a child really understand the decision that they […]

when lent gets in the way

lent is a little tough for me. it can seem like a further cementing of the basic misunderstanding of god’s heart for relationship. that misunderstanding goes like this: if you give up the things you really like and settle for a life where you’re always wishing […]

the day you’re reborn

i’m telling you something against my better judgement. i confess.  i admit.  i finally tell the truth.  i say what i do not want to say. a life of faith is simply this – a new life.  new isn’t always simple though. new is frightening. […]

sunday morning

after jesus came back to life – rose – wasn’t dead anymore, he went to the beach to find his friends. and we go there, too. we head to where the land stops and the water begins.  where man reaches the end and the spirit […]

wear forgiveness like a crown

she’s running down the shore with her brother.  at some point she takes off the two small circles of glass before her eyes and tosses them without a thought back into the sand they came from. she lost the last pair up north.  she slipped […]

beyond blood

it’s my own personal conviction that god isn’t interested in small talk.  he is in the soul business and if you look at the activities of the soul, you soon see that the soul is a raging tempest inside our mortal frames. this is where […]

the lord is truly risen

the sun is risen; seek the son of man no more among the dead.  he has broken the bonds of death. alleluia. i will pray to jesus, the giver of life, whom god raised from the dead and who will raise us with his own […]

christians and monks are really doing jesus stuff

this may help your heart prepare for easter.  maybe.  it may. it was taken last year on holy saturday…enjoy! Abe’s Easter Meditation from Joshua Neds-Fox on Vimeo.