do you believe in whales?

whale sighting this morning. one tail spotted diving back down into this vast blue steel sea.  a spray soon follows and it’s enough to convince me that yes, there are whales in this ocean all around. what about twenty years from now when i haven’t been back at sea and all i have are the

hope and harry potter

He wanted it to be true. He read all seven books.  He watched all eight movies.  He needed Hogwarts to be so. He got his parents to take him to the train station in Chicago.  It was the closest one to Detroit.  But there weren’t any platforms.  That didn’t stop him from running headlong into

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nice to meet you

they told us to wake up and take our bibles out into the woods. they’d tell you which verses to read and the only requirement was that you had to be by yourself. i’d never done this, but each morning i went. i looked around and one by one my friends disappeared in between the

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you foolish galatians

“if righteousness could be gained through the law, christ died for nothing.” – galatians 2:21 for a long time i’ve sought the approval of man. the funny thing is that at the heart of pleasing man – there is really only one man whose approval i crave more than anyone’s. when human approval is the

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apple trees and biblical commentary

my mother confesses that she’s been eating the apples from a tree in the church yard. “golden delicious.”  she explains.  no one is eating them, she says.  she just happens to pass by that way after running. “they’re so good.” she looks at me like an eve of sorts.  she knows she’s done wrong.  her

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