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i’m going through the motions.  laundry.  dishes.  downstairs in the basement i hear change in my son’s jeans as i go to put them in the washing machine.  i dig around in the pocket and bring out three coins.  they … Continue reading

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the perfect christian life and anti-depressants

(this article originally appeared in catapult magazine.  the topic has been on my mind, so i thought i’d bring her back out and put a new dress on her.) A close friend knocked on our door a few weeks after … Continue reading

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psalm 34:18

the lord is close to the brokenhearted; he saves those whose spirits are crushed. our friend tells us that he’s been tore up ever since his mother died and i’m thinking that he doesn’t know how right he is. the … Continue reading

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when i am not enough

  prayer books assume a lot. they take for granted that a body needs to take time to pray at least three times a day. at least. i’m being towed up on a line.  i am mentally preparing myself to … Continue reading

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the national threat of postpartum depression

i’m more disturbed that my government shot and killed an unarmed woman than that it’s in the midst of shut down. miriam carey was in a compromised mental state brought about by postpartum depression.  i don’t know her.  i don’t … Continue reading

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i got nothing

i really don’t know what to tell you. i don’t have words and the words i have i don’t like. i feel like detroit. all the people are gone.  the people who come around aren’t good enough.  and the ones … Continue reading

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the surface of the waters

“the vision god gives is not a castle in the air, but a vision of what god wants you to be. let him put you on his wheel and whirl you as he likes, and as sure as god is … Continue reading

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auditioning for the role of pastor

what comes after a god-sized dream? i’m on my knees, leaning over a bathtub.  again. i’m sitting on the living room floor folding clothes, watching television.  again. i’m putting forks where forks go, spoons with spoons. my everyday is to … Continue reading

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i wonder if you could speak up

we talk about god speaking to us. i heard god say this or that. i’m not immune to this type of language or the experience, but lately i’m wondering if he could speak up. then there is the thought that … Continue reading

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for those who didn’t place at the olympics

 you tried so hard, but the point wasn’t a gold medal.  was it? it was. the gold was the point.  the years, the sacrifice.  what you wanted was the highest podium and your song playing as you bowed your humble … Continue reading

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