you are your stories

it’s a little bit amazing that people read what i write.  that they like it and want to share it.  many times people will tell me that after they read a post i’ve written, they don’t know how to respond. they agree.  they think it’s […]

first time obedience and a little child will lead them

i was raised, if possible, without discipline.  couple that with indulgent, sacrificial love from both parents and that’s the parenting style i grew up in. i’m the result of it and my environment and the events unforseen that parents could not control and of god. […]

aquarium folk

we climbed stone steps and dumped quarters in a locker.  we found parking on the street. we brought our children to see the things of the deep.  the unseen things. and maybe that’s a little bit like those that i love? the aquarium people who […]

o lord, make haste to help me

our help is in the name of the lord. our life, like a bird, has escaped from the snare of the fowler.  indeed the snare has been broken and we have escaped. they say that when times are good that it’s easy to forget the […]

the highest form of flattery

we were next to the fireplace and her eyes were shut tight as she sang out to god. don’t let my love grow cold.  it was getting close to the end of autumn and when the song turned unexpected and the words sang to be […]

you think you know someone

i never know if i’m going to offend someone when i say this. say i’m at your house and you offer me a cup of coffee.  i love coffee, so i take it gladly. but then.  then there’s this. “do you have any…sugar?” how’s this […]

the habit of weakness

“he is the most vulnerable of people.  and my experience today is much more about the discovery of how vulnerable god is.  you see, god is so respectful of our freedom and if, as the epistle of john says, that god is love, then anyone […]