you foolish galatians

“if righteousness could be gained through the law, christ died for nothing.” – galatians 2:21 for a long time i’ve sought the approval of man. the funny thing is that at the heart of pleasing man – there is really only one man whose approval i crave more than anyone’s. when human approval is the

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apple trees and biblical commentary

my mother confesses that she’s been eating the apples from a tree in the church yard. “golden delicious.”  she explains.  no one is eating them, she says.  she just happens to pass by that way after running. “they’re so good.” she looks at me like an eve of sorts.  she knows she’s done wrong.  her

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christian boobs

  i have a slight problem. i’m a christian. there it is. that’s it really. i just saw that there is a movement to bring back head coverings in the christian world blog-o-sphere. head coverings. a head covering movement. there has been blog after blog over women and their role. book after book about women

swimming across lake michigan

we go to the beach. the waves lap up and back. my son is legs and arms, long and running behind me. my daughters dig in the sand. even in this moment they are growing up. i thought last night why it made sense that eventually children leave home, but i can’t remember what the

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how it tends to be

i was alone when i met god. i was near church people, but i was alone on a dock reading the bible. the spirit of god, the holy spirit, came near.  it came by me.  i felt it and it registered in my soul that i was not alone, i was on holy ground now,

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i live in a box of paints

i could drink a case of you and i would still be on my feet. when joni mitchell wrote ‘blue’ the world noticed.  this beautiful young woman with a heart so large and the ability to tell the truth and sing it out loud. songs are like tattoos indeed. i’m having trouble with blogging lately

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