what i write about


i write about faith, personal theology and abstract reasoning.

sometimes it comes wrapped up in a story, sometimes you just have to listen to me wax poetic.

i write about my children.  eleanor, abraham and mazzy.  

my oldest child has down syndrome and her life across the dinner table reminds me every night that god chooses the weak things of the world to shame the wise.

i write about marriage, about how good it is and how difficult.  

joshua is fine with me airing some dirty laundry so we can all remember that marriage is rarely simple and always requires attention, time and love.

i write about whatever the heck i want to.  sometimes i swear.  sometimes i bless.  all i want to do is live my life honestly and writing helps me do that.  

thank you for reading, i’m humbled that you do and i’ll try to write a few things that are worth your time.  

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