flightless birds and other miracles

we saw three white women swimming in what looked to be a paradise pool from afar. then we noticed the black shot of speed that was delighting them while the ladies dove and splashed.



we had to pay hundreds of rand (not that much) to get down into the absolutely no rules area of hanging out with penguins on the shores of boulders beach.

we paid it and watched a shirtless man smoking a joint slip in between two boulders weathered by all the forces of nature and disappear.

we followed him.

a world of sand, boulders and clear water opened up to us as our sandals slipped on sand covered stone. i thought i might fall to my death, but that would be ok i guess, because penguins.

we were a little delirious. and i don’t think it was just the contact buzz from those free wheelin’ south africans. no, it was the perfectly packaged, exactly what a hug size should be, penguins.

we didn’t want to leave.

we found ourselves filming them, laughing hysterically, and getting dangerously close to them. but leave we must and though joshua may have cried a little, we said goodbye to the penguin beach.

so should you find yourself in cape town and think, i don’t really want to go see those touristy penguins on boulders beach. it doesn’t seem like my kind of thing.

you are wrong, my friend. very wrong.


go and swim with the penguins.

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