17 years ago

Has this blog ever been about anything else?



My first child.

The girl who changed the world.

My world anyway.

“Every child changes your whole life!”

“That’s true for typical kids in friendships, too!”

“All kids go through tough school transitions!”

I could try to tell you how different it is to love a person with Down syndrome.  How startling cruel the world is, how it reveals the heart of every person in a way a typical person never will.

How hard that is to bear and how beautiful.

I could try.

Things people said to me during the first two years of Mazzy’s life:

“She might never talk.”

Imagine a new mother holding her child at a therapy session, taking in those four words.

“Her life expectancy is 50 years.”

Imagine a woman, stomach fresh with the wound of a c-section, holding her newborn, hearing those six words.

“I’ve heard that when she gets her period, that can be really hard.”

That one was true.

Careless words born from careless hearts have never stopped.  But the girl, the young woman, before me is my second favorite person on the planet.

She is beyond the written word.

But I can try.

Happy birthday, darling girl.

Unlike anyone, I’ve ever met.  Typical or otherwise.

Singular.  Unique.  Brillant.


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