do you believe in whales?

whale sighting this morning.

one tail spotted diving back down into this vast blue steel sea.  a spray soon follows and it’s enough to convince me that yes, there are whales in this ocean all around.

what about twenty years from now when i haven’t been back at sea and all i have are the memories of these random sights?  or the stories of others and the pictures i’ve seen?  what about when even my own experience of the moment fades?  will i cling to my need of the first-person experience in the moment and second guess what i have seen?

or will i believe?

if i don’t believe it, is it true?

if i stop believing that there are whales swimming in these waters, will they cease to exist?


yes, they will.

for me.

dallas willard liked to say that if you believe in the virgin birth then you live in a world where virgin births can happen.

the opposite must also be true.

if i believe that whales do not exist in these waters we’re sailing through than i live without whales.

is faith so powerful?  and if so, how small or large a life becomes depending on what i believe.

believing what i cannot see, breathes life into life, it seems.

imagination creates worlds unseen and i wait to see it made real.

and there it is, off toward the horizon.

a black line cuts through and water spray shoots straight up.

yes, there is the humpback and the divided black tail is up, up and then gone.

a promise of an entire unseen world.

lord, i believe, help my unbelief.

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