a collection of paths

a vision.

god gives us a vision of dry ground becoming a pool of water.

then we try to make it so.

but it’s not so simple, it is not so straightforward.

i have to become the vision before the vision is a real for me or for anyone else.

how are you?

how is the parched land of you?

how’s it going becoming a pool of water that has something to offer other people?

a place to rest.  a place to enjoy.  a place to regain strength so they can keep going forward on their own journey of becoming visions.

or are you still parched land that can’t sustain anyone else, let alone yourself?  strike you with a stone and dust flies.  muscles tire trying to dig into the heart of you.  or are you somewhere in between, a muddy stew, a bit of a mess.

and how do we get from the one form to the other?

and the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty ground springs of water ~ isaiah 35:7

it’s like every promise of god.  its made and kept by god.

not by us.

it seems the harder i try to become a spring of water, the thirstier i become.  and the thirstier those around me.

god is up to something in these mazes of our days.  he’s bringing us out changed.  i thought i was supposed to turn one way and it ended up leading nowhere except to put me off in another direction entirely.

god gives the vision, god transforms us into the vision, god not me.

god not me.

god not me.

i will be satisfied with nothing less than to be water in a dry land and yet how will i know when i am one and not the other?

god is never in a hurry.  god has unending leisure.  god is faithful.

let’s start there today.

let’s start right there.

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