a safe place to feel

last night i was talking to a group of women about emotions.

we ended up fingerpainting and praying and laughing and crying.

this morning i’m trying to remember how it feels to feel.

i think paint may be in order.

one friend said, it just felt good to have my fingers in paint.

and it really did.

summer can be a bully with so much time to fill, but last night i was in the right place at the right time.

i’m going to paint.

i’m going to woo children away from ipads with watercolors.

i’m going to let my feelings paint pictures this summer.

maybe we should try to paint the psalms.

i’ll let you know how it turns out.

i thought of the quirky, hippie art teacher at every school, everywhere.  how she stands like a protester in the hallways quietly demanding that we remember art.  believing art and beauty are as important as math and science.

i’m going to sit at her feet this summer.

i’m going to pay attention.

and paint.

3 replies on “ a safe place to feel ”
  1. Its cool to hear you might be learning happy thoughts about art. Is there any reason you had not felt this way in the past? Looking forward to seeing any creations you want to share!

  2. good question, dan.

    i have turned to art to express emotion before…about 30 years ago. i think i’ve learned to stop trusting emotions over the years.

    trying to unlearn.

    ~ zena

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