isaac’s bay

on either side of the path tall grasses hold bursts of white butterflies when we brush against them.

we can see the sea as soon as we begin our hike but as we keep on, stepping over hermit crabs as we go, a turn in a new direction puts the whole of the bay into view.

we’ve hiked into isaac’s bay.

in the bible the name isaac means, ‘he laughs.’

i’ve always loved that notion of god laughing.

that he sees our fears, our doubts, the alternate routes we take to be satisfied and it makes god laugh.

our plans, our lack of faith, making god laugh are not the vindictive laugh of a removed entity – no mercy in the mirth.  its more like joshua and i staggering onto this beach laughing to be on this far-flung part of the planet.

laughter filled with love and full of the promise of what we can’t yet see, but with what god is waiting to give.

twenty years ago god laughed when we made our vows in a tiny church.  he laughed when we fought through years of growing up together.  he pictured us here, knowing what we could not know, that we would be secure in love like the two twenty years old had no ability to vow.

this week we find ourselves laughing with isaac kind of laughter.

when a loved child doubts the goodness in the heart of a generous father or mother, doesn’t realize all that is waiting for them, laughs in disbelief when they’re told what they will be given – we are countering with a different laugh.

a laughter filled with knowledge, generosity and love as vast, beautiful and unknowable as the sea.

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  1. Love this! Only life and security bring this kind of laughter- congratulations on celebrating milestones. Here’s to laughing your way to 40!

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