slay trick or you get eliminated

this summer there was internet buzz over the near eradication of down syndrome in iceland.  people wrote articles against eugenics and disability.  and i agree, it is terrible, right?  deciding that your child probably shouldn’t live because they may have down syndrome?  i mean, geez louise.

mazzy wasn’t too concerned though.  she listened to a lot of beyonce this summer.   last year we saw her on the formation tour.  we’ve practiced the butt-slapping move from the all the single ladies video in our kitchen.  honestly, maz knows that routine better than me, but i’m working on getting the formation choreography down.

when we were getting ready for the concert, i tried to put on jeans and my smack it, smack it sweatshirt (see 7/11) and mazzy was like, “no mom.”

so i put on a dress i don’t normally have the confidence to wear and some beyonce-worthy heels and had a darn good night orchestrated by my daughter who was born with down syndrome.

when beyonce had her twins there was a part of me that hoped one of them would have down syndrome.  she’s such a champion, such a beating heart for the world to see kind of performer, i just knew she would have been a champion for her child, too.

then the world would see it and take note that if someone so realized, so accomplished, so flawless could birth a child with down syndrome and accept them and love them then maybe they’d change their minds and nurse them at their breast, too.

but she didn’t.

i did.

in the song formation, beyonce sings, slay trick or you get eliminated.

beyonce learned this truth young.  you either slay, you look perfect, dance perfect, sing perfect and live perfect – or you get eliminated.  you get sent home like a challenger on star search.  you don’t get to be queen.  you won’t get to smile back at thousands of fans who paid hundreds of dollars to see you in the flesh.

if you don’t slay, you get eliminated.

really the line means, kill or be killed.

i love my daughter because she’s the most original thinker i’ve ever met in real life.  her mind can’t conform to the world’s expectations so she soars above them.  her perspective is fresh, always unlike anyone else’s.

mazzy is untethered from the typical life and moves through her days in a way fewer and fewer people are born to.  she’s beyond the rule of slaying or being eliminated, more beautiful and realized than all the stadium concerts and hard work to become the baddest woman in the game.

i think beyonce could learn a thing or two from mazzy.

so here’s what i’d say to a pregnant chick with a baby in her belly that may have down syndrome.  it’s okay.  perfection is overrated.  a perfect life is an oversight, that’s the real mistake – not your son, not your daughter.

eliminating everyone who doesn’t slay?

we’d be left with a world filled with murderers and death.

beyonce doesn’t want that.  mazzy doesn’t either.

listen to mazzy.  listen to beyonce.

turn the music up real loud and dance in the kitchen with your children.  then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear.

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