a blog post about a person with down syndrome


i had a dream last night about bloggers who write about their children with down syndrome.

some are so famous online that you’d recognize them in public.

in the dream i was walking by lake michigan and a mother had set up her kids for a photo shoot complete with lighthouse in the background.


mazzy turned 15 a couple of weeks ago.

last night she was asked to be an escort in the mr. blue devil event at her high school.

mazzy continues to unfold like a flower.

i don’t share it enough.

i share it too much.

she’s a person.  she’s her own person.  she’s my responsibility.  she’s fine.


what is it that is so compelling to people about down syndrome?

why do they want to read about it?  why do they want to eradicate it?  what’s the mystery to be solved there?

joshua said recently that people are obsessed with the idea of their worth.  that we all have a slight notion that our lives are valuable beyond measure.  i agree and i wonder if a person with down syndrome pushes the bar just a little bit higher.

the qualities that make us human; love, kindness, vulnerability, joy and dependence – these are on display in a person with down syndrome in ways that we can’t replicate.  we are literally unable to be so free.

but not mazzy.


so here’s a blog post about a young woman with down syndrome.

her name is mazzy and she’s 15 years old.  she’s at school today taking drama class and art class and studying earth science.  later on tonight she’ll do her homework and go to dance class.

nothing terribly out of the ordinary about her life but still we read away.

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  1. For me, I’m always curious about people’s stories. Maybe because I’m a writer. I know that every person has an individual story and I want to hear it. And being a person with a chronic illness that continues to change my life daily I am particularly interested in the stories of others who have either mental or physical limitations and how they conquer the daily struggles.

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