voting is cool

i like voting.

i like being anonymous and alone in a voting booth.  i like how quiet it is and how no one else can come in, look over my shoulder and tell me who to vote for.

i like the polished gymnasium floors i have to walk across and the people sitting in metal folding chairs.  i like when they highlight my name in the paperwork and give me a ballot.

i like how human voting is.


i like the idea that a woman can be married to a ranting, abusive man and that she can still go into a polling booth and vote for hilary clinton if she wants to.  i like that she can come out and tell her husband that she voted for donald trump and that he’ll never know if she did or if she didn’t.

i’ve never known a country that i wasn’t allowed to vote in.  i’ve never known a land where black people couldn’t sit at my table.  i’ve never believed that i shouldn’t raise my hand and say what i thought out loud.

i became a jesus follower when i was 18.  by the time i was 24 i encountered the machine that is christianity in america today.  in six short years it went from believing that people of faith all must steal away to the waterside to commune with the holy spirit to white business men with zero compassion who possibly had never met with jesus in their entire lives.

out there
i think abortion is bad, but i would have had one if i was a pregnant teenager.

i think people should have guns, but every time i see one in the hands of someone i love i feel like i know them less.

i think gay marriage is okay, but i still have trouble imagining my kids not marrying someone from the opposite gender.

i’m a person.  a voting person.  an american.  a woman.  i like beyonce and sara groves.  i’ve traveled and paid good money to see both women perform their music.  i like how much freedom they both have to create what is true to them.  i’ve taken my daughter to both shows.


more than one thing is true about me.

but the truest thing about me is that whoever becomes my next president won’t sink me. i’m not defined by it and i’m not afraid of it.  this whole damn country can fall apart and i’ll grieve, but i’ll exist within it.

and so will you.

so go right ahead and vote for donald trump.  vote for hilary clinton.  vote for me if you’d like.  you can do that.  it doesn’t define you.  in fact, i’d strongly recommend considering putting your hope in something that lasts longer than 4 years.

but getting that sticker from a volunteer on november 8th, that does define you.  it really does.  it says that you are a human being who has the right to be free to do what you like.

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