what you’ll find there


have you ever felt too dependent on someone?

that sort of if i’m not near this person, i’m not quite sure the world will continue on as it should?

yeah, me neither.


when that person breaks your heart, you could have a real chance.

a chance to find out what your definition of love is anyway.  the possibility that you have been wrong, maybe for years, about what is good and what is true about your own heart.

or you could just pine for them.  or curse them.  or hate yourself.  or blame yourself.


often what seems to be happening isn’t what is truly happening at all.

however it takes time to tell the difference.  real time in the quiet.  maybe with a bowl of grapes.  maybe with a cup of coffee.  maybe with a view of the trees out of a window that needs to be cleaned.

i’m so proud of you.

i really am.

keep going.  keep trying.

you are so much better than i knew and i’m honored to call you my friend.



let’s meet up and talk about the hard work we’ve done to keep our eyes open to what is really happening.  we’ll talk about how the lies are always there, waiting for us to believe a different story about ourselves.

but we want the true story.

you do and i do, too.

and somehow we’re going to hear it, first in the quiet.  then we’ll tell it, out loud, so that everyone can hear.

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