ascending at your friend’s house


before jesus ascended into heaven, he took a walk.

he led his followers to bethany on the eastern slope of the mount of olives, a sabbath day’s journey, about a half mile.

he blessed them, lifted his hands and bye.

mary, martha and the resurrected lazarus lived in bethany.  was he walking them home? was he seeing their house one last time?  was he letting them know there is still more to come?

jesus loved his friends.



i’ve been taking some time to write my story and looking back, my life reads like stepping stones of friendship.  sometimes solid rock, sometimes a spider’s web.

friendship is how i understand this world, how i move forward.  befriended and being a friend – these are the roads i take.

i led them by cords of human kindness, with ties of love. – hosea 11:4


jesus said that he would give it all up for his friends.

my children may be the ones receiving the full weight of my friendship these days.  we do the slow work of daily life together so that they can live their real lives well one day.

but heart friendship feels a sabbath day’s journey away.  the hello and goodbye of friendship is my reality for this season.

i hope it doesn’t last too long.


greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

all the love that i’ve been shown, all the kindness i’ve tied around your wrist.  we’re all heading to the greater love of god, to some distant shore.

it sure seems that way to me.

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  1. You and me girl. We’re his hands and feet. You have been Gods love on earth just for me to enjoy. Proof of a real and loving God. HUGS TO YOU FRIEND!!!!

  2. laurel ~

    i officially miss you too much.

    i have to see your face like yesterday…can we make this happen this year??!

    ~ zena

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