man overboard! quick throw him this bible!


sometimes the story of jesus christ can get old.

you know it already.  lived, died, rose again.

you know the tenets.  you understand that redemption of bad situations into good that in turn can touch and change the lives of others is god’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

you know that.

but it doesn’t compel.

beauty from ashes?  yeah, yeah.  i know.



there is a body of knowledge that belongs to god.

god’s story, god’s ways – and it doesn’t change.

that is true for most bodies of knowledge.  you want to study molecular geometry, you want to become a pastry chef, you want to fly an airplane?  these are bodies of knowledge and by and large, they don’t change.

after you study them and teach them to others, after you live them out in your daily work – they get old, too.

god is different though in that he promised to love you.

god wasn’t supposed to be cold knowledge that could be ingested and then sit like a stone in your gut.  molecular geometry might get old, but it never promised you friendship.

so with the body of knowledge that god brought what do you do?

mock it.

deny it.

despise it.


here’s what i’ve been wondering –

what does a body of knowledge owe me?  what do i owe it?

can i make peace with that god’s ways can be known?  that even a life lived praying for the holy spirit to be close takes on a somewhat predictable pattern?

like marriage.

like best friends.

like a boy and his dog.

relationships based on bodies of knowledge aren’t useless because they can be known.

in my quest for new, for more, for exciting people and information that seems endless, i forget the gold ring in my pocket.


these days i keep the ring hidden.  i’m a lot less apt to proudly wear it on my hand.  keep it to myself.  quiet.

you might not even know who i belong to or what i believe.

until i’m drowning or i see you going under.

then somehow the ring slips right over my head or yours and the knowledge of bringing what was dead back to life becomes air, becomes reality, becomes a beating heart.

that’s when i’ll be revealed.

there will be no question about who i belong to when we reach the end of human capacity to do a damn thing.


this is what i believe.  this is who i am.

a ring of commitment.  a ring of rescue.  a ring of boring domesticity.

lord, help me never to despise the knowledge of you.

3 replies on “ man overboard! quick throw him this bible! ”
  1. Amen. Feeling the same. Searching everywhere for my comfort and saving grace, all the while forgetting the gold ring in my pocket.

    It’s raining here. Finally. It hasn’t rained here since May, when it flooded.

    I’m ready for a flood. Wash me clean. Make me new. I’m in need of some serious newness.

    Thank you for your insight friend.

  2. thank you meredith…

    for some reason i just looked up your name meaning and this is what i found:

    “The name Meredith is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Meredith is: Guardian of the sea. Great chief. This name can be given to children of either gender, but is more common among girls.”

    maybe this is why we connect so…water, the sea, a flood…

    take care,

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