it’s right before you


it is as though leaves on trees are saying, ‘i love you.’

that the sunlight on your path says, ‘you are cared for.’

this world has been made for living in; a place formed in love for those who see the sun these few years.



it is right before you, do you not see it?

this week my friends boarded a plane to fly around the world.  they went to get children living in slums ready for school this fall.


why do people leave their comfortable lives to love the forgotten?


i can’t see them, but i can hear them.

children are singing down the street from me.

and out from open windows the piano plays out onto the porch.

there is just too much music outside on this beautiful day.

in the magnolia tree on the lawn there are finches hidden in the leaves.  i see them jump a branch, vanish and sing their yellow songs.

the world wakes up singing on this early day in july.


truly you are a hidden god, singing in the branches, just out of eyesight.

i hear you today.

this day that i’m still here, still spinning on this blue and green globe.

i am here in the sunlight and i hear your songs.

i am hoping to catch a glimpse of the hidden god who has been so kind, who has loved us all so well.

the hidden god that i love.

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