the invisible ties that bind


a mother can forget her child.

it’s true.  it’s in the bible.

and it’s true in my life.

i like to go and have a cup of coffee alone.  i’ll read until i forget where i am.  i like to get lost in thrift stores and have long conversations with friends i love.

i can forget that i ever had a child, let alone three.

at least, that’s what i tend to imagine is true.



the sky is so blue like my only son’s eyes and when he isn’t okay i can’t think of anything else.

i dream solutions when any three of them has a real problem.

i reorder life to meet them low and lift them high.

like the dark blue sky over a snow-covered place, each one of their souls have been trusted to us.

it is no forgettable thing.


so i stay tied at the other end of this rope that binds me to three small humans right now in three small classrooms.

just because i can’t see the invisible length that keeps me theirs, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  

the rope gets let out further and further the further they go out into the world.

and i need to remember that this world is a beautiful place.

it is.

it still is.

this globe crisscrossed with all the ropes that tie us to one another.

no shadow

i know that the bible is right, that a mother can forget her child.

i’ve seen it, i’ve read the stories.

but that’s no place for you and me.

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