jesus died for you and other sentences that don’t mean anything



“i’ve heard so many teachings on why he had to die, but it never seems to stick in my head.”

i’m looking out at the frozen neighborhood.

sentences can freeze and crack, too.

the meaning they once held is nowhere to be found.

they are brittle, ready to snap.


“the question of sin used to keep people up at night – but no one even thinks sin exists in our culture, so why care about the cross?”

sin is just a word.

is there a better one?

death.  destruction.  evil.  wrong.  wicked.  crime.  offense.

those words are still alive and well.  green with life.  filled with meaning.

we say and hear them everyday.  they matter.

but sin has frozen over.


has there been a culture so righteous as ours?

each one of us able to judge with such accuracy about what is true, about what is not allowed.

everyone sure of our own viewpoint and able to humbly bow before the opinion of another no matter what it is.

so permissive and so unbending.

marilyn said it best.

“in this culture everyone thinks they are god.”


it’s a cold morning.

cold enough to kill a man.

never have we needed new words like now.

new stories.

new sentences.

i pray for them to come soon.

i pray they come before the whole world freezes over like hell itself.

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