building a platform


i started writing this blog with no end in mind.

i’ve always written.  ever since i was little and the blank, yellow page seemed safer than any other place.  i’ve got thirty journals for people to burn after i die.

then came the internet.



i lived in a small town in ohio when i wrote my first blog post.

i had two tiny children and i’d moved away from my friends, from my family.  i started sending out my little thoughts on the line for them, for anyone.

for myself.



and it worked.

people i loved who lived far away knew how my children grew.  they knew what i was thinking about.  they knew what i’d been up to yesterday.

years went by and i met real bloggers.  bloggers who had followings and wrote books.  i had already thrown my hat in the ring it seemed, so i kept writing and writing and writing.



i’ve written enough for a good sized book.  which i might try to get an agent to help me share with the world one day.  but i’ve also written myself into a corner.

i never counted on my voice on this blog sounding like one particular thing.

but it does.

if i had to categorize this blog it would be a Christian, Married Lady Blog.

blogging to me now is little more and a little less than picking up a script and reading the lines i started writing for myself back there somewhere.

these days i feel like an actor on a stage when i sit down to write.



i’d like to do something else now.

i think it’ll look a little less flat.  it will have three dimensions.  a bit more depth with a few surprises.

a real place that i made with my hands.

i’d like to write more than considerate neighbor.

so i think i will.

maybe you will miss me.

that’s okay.  give me a call or drop me a line.

or maybe you won’t.

that’s fine, too.  there are many Christian, Married Lady Bloggers, so i trust you will be well provided for.

thank you for reading.  thank you.  thank you.  thank you.

i’m sure we’ll meet again.

11 replies on “ building a platform ”
  1. I’ve appreciated your honest voice here. You have spoke to the deep parts of my heart. Thank you for bravely speaking, and I know there will be more spaces for your voice. Thank you thank you thank you. Go forth!

  2. If there is one thing I know about you z is that when you have an idea about something, you go for it…like pulling the stops on the blog:) I’m excited for your new endeavors in writing and hope you find the discipline and the time and space for it!:) I will miss this blog b/c your words have always been an encouragement and inspiration and source for honesty about life and faith. But luckily we are friends and live close;) love you friend!

  3. i read your blog because it was you, not for any other rests on and I will read anything else you write for the same reason. The student has become the teacher and you have taught me so much Zena. Keep me in the loop, please. Love you. XoX

  4. thank you Zena, I will seriously miss this blog but I feel happy for new things as well! Love love love you

  5. Will miss your blog and pictures. Anxious to see what you do next.
    I know it will be wonderful, exciting, and heartwarming.
    Much love and hugs

  6. your writing meets with people who need deep things and real food for living.
    your words were and are for more than married christian ladies.
    im not one …and i hope more people like me get to read what you will write.

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