the mother of god

fabric paint

one place in my heart holds a grudge against humanity and all my friends.

weddings and birthday parties.

whenever i catch wind of another girl’s birthday party happening with no invitation for mazzy, i plot a little murder in my heart.

every time i see friend’s daughters walk down the aisle trailing after our dearly loved companions, i must resist the urge to oops! trip them as they pass us by.



but that’s okay.

because god answers the prayers we didn’t realize that we’d prayed.

i thought those murderous thoughts were just evidence of my sinful nature – not prayers.

but i was wrong.

dear lord,

let mazzy get to do these things that little girls delight in.  let her be a flower girl with a basket of blossoms and let me drop her off at a bowling alley with a present in her arms. let her be loved and accepted like all these other lovely children.


god heard and he did me one better.

marywise man #2wise man #1

this year the christmas pageant was cast and i held back tears.

ella and abe were wise men.

and mazzy?

mazzy was mary.

mother of god

so take that flower girls!

in your face birthday parties!

mazzy, set apart for honorable, holy times.  mazzy, holding the cabbage patch christ-child in her arms so carefully.

mazzy, the mother of god.

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