i’ll meet you at the table


our family gathered around my table and i felt older than i ever had before.

and i guess that’s right.  i’m almost forty and my own children are set to start turning into teenagers in a couple of months, growing almost tall as their grandmothers.

it was a beautiful day.

sugar berries


we lost my uncle less than a week ago.

in six short months we watched the tallest man in our family be taken down by cancer. and the last time i saw him i felt older than i ever felt before.

he had a moment that last day where he talked to us by name.  where he loved the people in the room with all the strength he had left to share with us.

i’ve never been so thankful.

ann's idea

uncle bill

but we bowed our heads and we raised our glasses yesterday.

we said thank you with tight throats.

because life is short and we’re older before we know what happened.

but this one that we are thanking, i wonder about the “you’re welcome” still.  that there is more to come than failing bodies and plates full of food.  there is more to see than watching one less family member at the table year after year.

the hope of heaven.

thank you, lord.

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  1. You, Zena, made our Thanksgiving so very thankful. The labor of love shown through your entire home; smells of pies, turkey roasting, freshly painted walls and wonderful bottles of wines. Your first hosting of a holiday feast was delicious and gracious, as everyone left with bellies bulging and warm feelings of kindness for such a beautiful day. With your home full of people, you took the time to remember your Uncle Bill in prayer. Perhaps you aren’t told often enough how very special you are. I thank you for being so thankful.

  2. Thankful words and thankful pictures from a young lady with the biggest thankful heart.
    We are all thankful for you. You warm our hearts.
    Comforting love and hugs, Cioci Rosie

  3. hey z! so sorry for your loss! big hugs to you and your dad and the rest of your family! this year was the first thanksgiving without my grandma but we spent it with family telling stories and laughing and filling our bellies! it was good.

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