and the shepherd is the gate


we’re sitting in a mexican restaurant and one of us or the other says it.

“we sound hurt.”

when the words of a person who’s been hurt by the church and the sentences coming out of your mouth match up it can be awkward.

but it’s a start.



jesus says he’s the gate and the good shepherd and it’s always confused me.

how can he be both?

but way back when in good old shepherding times and probably still today, shepherds were the gates.  they let you in to safe places in the night and they remained at the entrance way to keep you in.

to keep you theirs.

the church isn’t the shepherd.  many pastors are the hired hands jesus talks about.  the ones who get the paychecks and look after their own interests because – hey they’re only human.

the church can’t keep you in.  and it can be the wolf itself, the robber and the thief.

churches are out there hurting people this very day.


but the gate hasn’t changed.

the shepherd is still the same.

i’m still his.

and jesus loves us too much to let me and my friend remain in mexican restaurants licking our wounds for another ten years or so.

somehow he still has more.  it might even include the church.

he really does make all things new.

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