seasonal help


there is a prayer and it goes this way;

“lord, i do not feel like i used to feel.”

it doesn’t worry god too terribly much though.

because god’s not interested in “used to.”  not one little bit.


god is always, “look!  see!  i’m doing a new thing, do you not perceive it?!”

always new.

or at least new-ish.

this autumn, the cool nights and the changing leaves, this is brand new.  fall 2014 has never been here before.  but all the autumn days prior have landed us down in these days.

god is new, but not unheard of.

before new

we’ve been here before, lord.

where i feel far from you.

that is not new.

but it’s new in that i have peace, perfect peace, that you will find me.

i’ve been here before where i’m changing my days, making choices that set me in your path.

that’s not so new.

but it is new because i have no faith in my ambition, my words or my efforts to bring you closer here.

you alone are god this time.


i alone am lightless.

and shallow.

together though…together we might just be on to something.

together you alone are still god, but in your love, i reflect light and it’s by your grace that i have depth at all.

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  1. Ever since I found your blog, I have enjoyed your writing and look forward to your blog posts. Your writing is spare, calm, and poetic in unexpected and interesting ways. I notice sometimes you write within a metaphor that is revealed only as the entire post is read, but which illuminates the topic in a unique way. Also, I appreciate the way you allow the topic to sit and be what it is, without wrapping everything up neatly, so to speak. Your writing, combined with the authenticity with which you use it, is a pleasure to read.

    Also, I relate to the struggle to let God be God. I find myself coming up with new and clever ways to try and be god quite frequently and surprisingly, this never works. 🙂 It’s good to be reminded to stop trying to do His job and to trust Him right where I am.

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