through the airwaves


the countdown to summer has begun.


i’m confused how we go from buried, too cold to step outside, to easter morning on the beach, toes in sand.

but alas, it is so.

and i for one will hold my spinning head and say thank you for the spinning globe.



bare branches have performed their magic.  a green gauze of buds everywhere and i’m still reminding myself that no, i don’t need a scarf today.

has the world sped up?

when i was younger was i more able to navigate its rotation?

everything moves so fast, i feel like i’m already in the past.



but there is this.

your word.

and the earth is full of your kindness, lord.

so i will desire not what is vain.

i’ll comb these beaches, frozen and otherwise, until i find a true word and write it down. until i hold a child up on my shoulders so they can see wide open spaces without distraction.  until i love my friends as well as you love yours, lord.

until i see your face.

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