thoughts about faith and writing


i may regret this later, but i’ve never been so grateful.

god is generous.

i have work to do.  real work.  real service.  a way to love my neighbor as myself.

and it doesn’t have to be a church building that you can walk into on sunday,

it doesn’t have to be sandwiches made for the poor.

“in you, o lord, i take refuge;
     let me never be put to shame.”


it can be sitting in a chair.

it can be letters to a place.

choosing words, one at a time, to tell true stories.

i’ve heard this is also a way you’ve formed a body to work, lord.

and i’m thankful.

“i will rejoice and be glad of your kindness,
       you’ve watched over me in my distress,
not shutting me up in the grip of the enemy;
      but enabling me to move about at large.” – psalm 31

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