a word is worth a thousand pictures


i heard good things today.

richard foster praised silence for writers.  bret lott shared that we will never master writing because it is filled with self-doubt and loneliness.  anne lamott said that writing takes much longer than you think it will and remains a struggle always.

this is good news.

i was told to keep a metaphor journal.  i think i’ll start right now:

the moon sat fixed behind back lit clouds like the eye of god.

a deer lay still on the side of the road like a baby not crying for too long.

okay, it needs some work!

but being willing to work is the beginning of working.  being willing to sit down at the keyboard and write is the beginning of writing.

i bought a book.  i drank coffee.  i chatted with other festival attendees.  i laughed out loud.  i sat by a pond.  i skipped a session.  i laid on the grass and the sun warmed my winter face.


the faith and writing festival offers what writers need – time.

time to talk and think.  time to listen to poems and stories.  time to cry.  it offers a glimpse into a life where time is wasted on purpose.  anne lamott said tonight, “we are hungry for the time we don’t waste.” 

she suggested staring out of windows, cat-like, more often.  she told writers to waste more paper.  she argued for wasting time not multitasking so that one might enjoy the moment and the person right in front of them.

and she’s right.

richard foster said that without silence a writer has nothing to say.  he said we expect to sit down to write and be endless founts of words, wisdom.  no.  instead we have to exist quiet, listening; expectant – and in silence the soil of our hearts will be cultivated and then, when we write, from that place, there will be words.

and he’s right.

people boarded planes to be here.  people drove for hours.  what are we hoping to find?

today i found this – life and writing are both hard, but if i’m not willing to do them well then i might not be doing either one.

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