your life from here


there’s a man out there in the snow with his dog.

he’s clipping back the vines on these frozen lanes.  my romantic notions of owning a vineyard evaporate a little bit because that’s what these lines represent.  the hard work of a farmer.  the day in and day out.  those posts are just necessary means to an end.

but still, i wonder if he sees how beautiful they are.


probably not.

the vineyards likely wait outside the window of his warm farm house like a work day.  his dog is circling his legs and he’s drinking coffee gearing up, getting ready to face the snow and the hibernating branches that will bear fruit in summertime.

but i’ve driven out to the peninsula this morning.

i’m not used to the rows of waiting wine and the planted lives of bay side farmers.  i’m just a person who needs beauty like vines need water, even the frozen kind.

snow day


and what about your own life?

your own day in and day out?

doesn’t seem too lovely, right?  it’s not something someone would drive an hour or more to look at from afar, nothing there to make that driver slow down and get right out to take a photograph or two?

well, don’t answer too quickly now because the farmer loses perspective.

when life is lived close up, the bigger picture gets lost in the details of daily bread and rumpled sheets.



but you’ll just have to trust me.

it matters.  your hard work shows.

the tending of your own vineyard looks better than you could ever know, friend.

so drink your coffee and kiss those ones you love.  your branches will bear fruit come summer and we’ll drink the wine together.

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