resolving to receive


when we happened into town that winter it seemed they were having a festival of sorts. one that celebrated the ice and snow.  the festivities caught our eyes and we drove right past a sign that said:

free carriage rides.

now i’m from detroit and you just don’t see that everyday.  you don’t really see it anywhere, so i turned to the bearded librarian and asked him if i saw that right.  he wasn’t quite sure either and so we turned around to see if we saw what we saw.

we did.



right across from a lake frozen solid, strong horses were pulling anyone who read the sign.

we parked and piled in.  there were blankets on the floor of the carriage, we pulled them up around ourselves.  we tucked our children in and each of us learned a little bit about receiving.

it’s a hard lesson to master.



eli's flower

new year’s resolutions have a way of bringing out the worst.

i will be this.  i want to do that.  i shall go there.

i want, i will, i should.

even good things as goals miss the mark when it drives right past what’s being offered free of charge.

you have, receive, say thank you.

what if the resolutions of 2014 aren’t out there, what if they’re already with us?  what if the resolution of 2014 is to see and receive what we’ve been given?  there are things sitting right in front of us that we don’t see.

boy on snow


we round the bend and the horses’ clopping slows.  we say thank you fifteen times and mean it each time.  since we’re stopped, we head over to the frozen lake and watch hockey players and ice fishers.  we see what we would have passed right by.  the world is full of beauty.

i’m resolving to receive it.

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