the national threat of postpartum depression

Capitol Lockdown

i’m more disturbed that my government shot and killed an unarmed woman than that it’s in the midst of shut down.

miriam carey was in a compromised mental state brought about by postpartum depression.  i don’t know her.  i don’t know her story.

but she had one.

from all accounts she was a law-abiding citizen.  a daughter, a sister, a mother.  she went to school for, became and worked as a licensed dental hygenist.

she had a baby and wasn’t doing well mentally or emotionally afterwards.  she may have suffered an injury during a fall.

i have a friend who while suffering from postpartum depression ran outside barefoot in the middle of winter.  she left her babies and her husband and ran out of the house into the night.  when i think of her story i imagine the flash of headlights in the dark and the slip of the icy ground that she could not feel.

i wonder what miriam was experiencing?


here’s my question.

why shoot her?

why not shoot her tires?

you need her to stop  i get it.  she’s made extremely poor choices.  got it.  but you’re a sniper.  you can aim and kill her while in a moving vehicle – i’m betting you could have aimed at her four wheels instead.

i wonder if my friend had lived in washington dc that night she ran out of her home.  if she would have headed blindly towards the white house and plodded with frozen feet up to that symbol of power, of hope, of help and liberty.

i wonder today if she would have been gunned down.

a person isn’t a bomb.  even a threatening person.  fear isn’t an excuse for killing an unarmed woman in front of her one year old child.

is this truly the state of our government?


yes, it is.

as mothers, as women, as ordinary citizens we should slow way down and take note of this occurrence.  of the many reports that come at me from the media.  from miley to debt ceilings, from shut downs to syrian support – this story, this almost buried blip on the screen, this story is more troubling than any other.

miriam carey’s death is a sign of the times to be sure.

2 thoughts on “the national threat of postpartum depression

  1. While this story ends in tragedy, the author sees only one side of the story. The woman’s story is one that happens every day to thousands of women. Where was her support system, her family, her church group? People obviously knew she was having problems with ppd, and yet nobody in her life said, “Hey, she really needs help, and I am going to make sure she gets the help she needs.” It is so easy to blame the person with the gun, because that is where the story ends, but this story also has a beginning and a middle. Now people are doubting the government and D.C. police and anybody else with a gun and a badge. Here’s the kicker, if this was a terrorist with a car bomb trying to blow up the capitol building, you all would be high giving one another and celebrating their success in thwarting another bombing attempt because of all of the lives that were saved by the brave men that have the courage to serve and protect our nation. So how do you propose these police can tell the difference between a terrorist bombing attack and a woman with ppd, crashing through barricades and attempting to get her car as close to the capitol building as possible, driving in an aggressive manor, refusing to obey commands. There is no way you know what is in this person’s mind. You have to follow what your training tells you to do. If this is what happened, it doesn’t make me feel like the government is out of control, and the citizens are all in danger of being killed br rogue

  2. i wrote this because the loudest voice about this event blames the citizen in the media coverage i’ve seen.

    only her family seems to be questioning the outcome and with a fair question, “did she have to die?”

    to assume everything is a terrorist attack affords people power that they should not have. it’s important to say so.

    if they are trained, then it would seem they could apprehend a threatening person without killing that person.

    and if it had been a “terrorist” they’d killed, i wouldn’t be celebrating.

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