detroit is smarter than you



well, not too many of you picked up the gauntlet to write your own stories out.  i feel a little like i did that day with the friend i wrote about.  telling you my deep, dark secrets only to be met with silence.

but that’s okay.

the person i referenced in the story i shared has gone on to carve deep furrows in the soil of this one life of mine.  i like to think that i’ve done some of that in hers, too.

we never really know in the moment what god is up to.

it’s a little like detroit.


i read a great article on not feeling sorry for detroit.  this sentiment struck hard and has left a deep tread:

“the fundamental social issue at the root of most problems in Detroit, as well as the United States as a whole — racism — is being posed (but not yet solved) in relation to Detroit’s housing and mortgage crisis and financial bankruptcy. The recklessness of the banks and corporate finance in general is finally producing a common metropolitan response to the city’s difficulties. Black and white political leaders, city and suburbanites — are equally exposed to today’s financial dilemmas and are working together on them. It is somewhat ironic that this November, after a generation of black mayors, Detroit may be the first major minority-dominated city to elect a white mayor.  The much-lamented decline in the city’s population actually means that many African American Detroiters have relocated to the suburbs — changing the city/suburb discourse. Whites are now mingling with African Americans as never before, and confronting racism is not simply a nice “liberal option” but now concerns daily reality. It is unclear how all this will work out, but Detroit has the potential of making important strides in one of the major issues holding back American progress.”

confronting racism is not simply a nice liberal option but now concerns daily reality. detroit has the potential of making important strides in one of the major issues holding back american progress.

now there’s a thought.

i’ve never quite seen it that way and yet living here, i know that it’s true.  and it isn’t a church trying to be diverse.  it isn’t a communal experiment.  it’s just reality.  people struggle in many ways in this city, but this most important way is missed entirely.  hard to see at first glance.


detroit may seem like one thing, but nothing is ever quite what it seems.

from detroit could come a reconciliation example that leads this broken country towards the healing of its broken black and white heart.

so friends we thought we knew, they can surprise us.  and those places that seem too broken and foolish, well they might just grow new life that can lead the wise.

one thing i know is true about god, he writes better stories than me.  always with the surprise ending that no one ever saw coming.

may it be so.

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